To Whom it May Concern:

I know that the many generous and caring individuals who made contributions to the Jaime Escalante Legacy Fund would want to know that their help made a difference.

The funds received made it possible to cover the majority of the medical expenses associated with my father’s illness, as well as the costs associated with the wake at Garfield High School, the memorial service at East Los Angeles College and a private burial. With this help, it was possible to create a celebration with dignity and ceremony fitting to my father’s life and contributions.

In addition, FASE and the fund covered significant costs incurred by the family, including travel and other expenses for family members who traveled from Bolivia to attend the wake and memorial.

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the caring and professional assistance that FASE and Edward James Olmos provided to our family at this difficult time. They worked tirelessly both to organize events and to make the press and the public aware of my father’s situation. I would have a hard time counting the number of times Mr. Olmos appeared on television, radio and in the press to remind the community of my father’s work and to tell them of his need.

My father worked with FASE and Mr. Olmos for more than two decades, and enjoyed a close friendship that, in addition to its personal rewards, played a major role in helping him reach teachers and students throughout the country and around the world. I continue to enjoy this friendship and support.

The family sends heartfelt thanks to the many others who donated time, professional services and money during this time. We would not have made it through without them.

With eternal gratitude,
Jaime Escalante, Jr.