Advisory Board

Edward James Olmos

Jaime Escalante, Jr.

Ray Mellado
CEO and Chairman
of the Board
Great Minds in STEM

Elsa Bolado
Eastman Ave. Elementary

Angela C. Fajardo
Lennox School District

Jema Estrella
Los Angeles County
Office of Education

Angelo Villavincencio
Ayala High School

The Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education (FASE) support for Jaime Escalante’s efforts began more than two decades ago, and has ranged from providing materials (and later meals and transportation) for his after-school programs to the production of FUTURES with Jaime Escalante - one of the most widely-used classroom television series in the history of public television - as well as two primetime broadcast specials, "Math...Who Needs it?!" and "Living and Working in Space."

This rich video archive, as well as classroom lessons and teacher training materials that have been developed to support it, captured his classroom approaches in great detail. These raw materials can be used in many ways, including teacher training events, new classroom resources, and programs to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Over the years teachers that Jaime trained or inspired have expressed a desire to continue his legacy. In partnership with them and other educational experts, the Jaime Escalante Legacy Project is will continue to develop new materials and provide programs that can help him inspire generation after generation of students. These include a project focused on his former students, teacher training, and lesson plans from this master teacher.

Keith Miller