Profiles of Program Completions

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For more than three decades FASE has assisted pilot projects, studies, humanitarian projects and healthcare providers exploring the use of detoxification to bring relief to those affected by occupational and environmental chemical exposures. Thousands of individuals have regained their health as a result of this work.

In recent years, humanitarian projects have provided detoxification services to hundreds of rescue workers and veterans, enabling them to recover from the effects of exposures to toxic chemicals in the line of duty and to regain quality of life and job fitness.

As generous as private support has been, it will never be enough to reach everyone who needs help. Exposures on the battlefield have put hundreds of thousands of men and women at risk. Well over a million individuals work as firefighters in the U.S. alone, routinely encountering toxic material at fire scenes and chemical spills.

The Turning Point

FASE has established relationships with experts and government officials who want to see that this program is publicly funded and available to rescue workers, veterans and others who need help. Achieving this goal depends on scientific data documenting the impact of detoxification, and we have been asked to create a method to gather this data.

In response, we have launched a campaign that can take the efforts of past decades to a whole new level, with the potential to help countless individuals and their families throughout the world.

To meet this need we have established a cloud-based tool that will enable all who deliver detoxification to easily gather detailed information about the pre- and post-program health status of their clients. This "Toxic Effects Inventory" will incorporate scientifically validated health and symptom surveys, and comply with all regulations regarding privacy and security of patient records.

We will work with our established network of contacts to make this tool broadly available. This includes responding to a request for FASE to implement outcome monitoring in service to ongoing efforts to provide detoxification services in Vietnam.

The goal for the first year is to aggregate data from at least 3,000 detox participants in a dozen centers and to grow this database each following year.

As the body of data becomes large enough to have true statistical power, qualified researchers will be able to write and publish reports that can be used by government officials and others who want detoxification to be included in the therapies available to their constituents. FASE will also be helping to organize and fund an international scientific conference in August of 2018 that will showcase this work.

We Need Your Help!

After more than thirty years of hard work, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create a robust and growing body of data that can result in an ongoing flow of authoritative reports highlighting the results of the program.

The goal of this work is to secure government and insurance funding that can make this program available to qualified applicants.

Please help us take this historically important step in our work. If you need further inspiration, click here for stories of program completions, including video interviews.

Any contribution or pledge will help us carry out this major accomplishment.

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